10 great gifts for the men in your life

and loads of inspiration for shopping for him

Shopping for the man in your life is a challenge. How do you read someone’s mind to know what men want when they just don’t tell you? You don’t need to develop your sixth sense to know what is going to make him smile. All you need is a little inspiration to avoid the emptiness left by a bad gift.

And how do you get inspired?

When gift giving works well, it seems like you have the gift of ESP. But there’s no mind reading here; you just know what they are going to love.

Begin by exploring what your guy loves to do when he has freetime. What does he say he wishes he could do and what hobbies do you both share? Start by filling in these thoughts and let your imagination run.

Don’t have an imagination?

It’s all good. Below we’ve got 10 ideas that will get you inspired and start thinking about what your man is going to love. We’ve simplified things a bit, so dig into these suggestions to discover a great gift to present to him.

For the outdoorsy guy

For the man who loves being out in nature. There’s of course a HUGE range of love: it could be a short hike along a neighborhood creek or a 5 day expedition in a national park with all the food he needs stuffed in his backpack.

 BioLite keeps you warm, cooks your food, and charges your phone This way he’s always got his phone charged to take pictures or call you (when there is reception, of course). Grill up a freshly caught fish and charge up your iPad for Fruit Ninja while falling asleep in your tent to the sounds of the wilderness. Check out the BioLite stove for power anywhere.

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head outdoors and make sure you've got your gadgets charged
man's best friend has never been more true, get him something to honor that companionship

For the man who loves to be with his dog...

He loves to cuddle, go for long walks, give backrubs, and of course sleep together. We’re talking about the four-pawed K-9 in your guy’s life and man’s best friend. The one who seems to get all his love. There’s no need to be jealous, you love the furry friend just as much! Some gifts for the dog are just as much as gifts for the owner. This will show you love him and his dog.

Dive into their doggy DNA! A quick swab and the Embark Dog DNA Test will tell you a lot about your K-9 friend That’s right, gone are the days of guessing what your dog’s breed is. When you adopt a rescue dog, sometimes it’s a mutt – granted a very lovable mutt! You can guess some of their traits, and now the Embark DNA test lets you go even further. Learn exactly their percentage breakdown by breed, understand their traits and preempt common diseases based on their DNA. A quick swab and mail it in to see everything about your dog. Get him the Embark Doggy DNA test kit! 

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For the man who loves to spend time in the kitchen

If your man loves to cook and you love to eat what he makes, consider something that will make him even more talented in the kitchen. Sure there are a million gadgets out there – some you probably don’t need… What about something that will keep his hands safe? 

These aren’t your grandma’s oven mitts. These will let you handle hot pans from the oven, the backyard BBQ, or your summer bonfire and everything in between without issue. These are serious heat-resistant gloves that are made with Kevlar to withstand up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit heat. That’s some serious power. See these heat resistant gloves in action!

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he's cooking up the storm, get him something to make it more delicious
stay healthy run stay fit get him something that will keep him fit in a new way

For the guy who is worried about his health

Help him strength train in a new way He’s always staying in shape and worrying about his health. How are his jaw muscles? 

Consider the Jawzrsize to tone up neck, head, and face muscles, improve blood circulation, and well just look great. He can do this at the gym, on the road, or in the office. He’ll be burning calories and his gums will thank you, maybe that will mean even better kissing? Only one way to find out. 

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For the guy who loves his feline friend

Some men are cat people. I believe it shows strength of character, after all dogs love anyone, but a cat is more selective. It takes real work to get a cat to be your friend.

Splurge and get him the greatest kitty litter box ever. This is the cat litter box of the future Your cat will thank you, and well, he won’t have to clean up nearly as much. Not only that, gone are the days of smelling kitty litter in his apartment. Throw in the app, and he’ll be tracking how much his kitty uses the loo. Splurge and get him the cat litter box of the future, with robotic cleaning and in-app tracking. 

Get inspired! Find something for the cat lover in your life!

your man loves his cat more than you no problem, get him something to suit that relationship
find another great find for the tech guy who seems to have everything

For the guy who wants a bit more tech in their life

Discover the world of IOT devices There are so many inspiring IOT devices out there, some are just plain ridiculous and others will make you say “why didn’t I think of that?”

Browse everything from smart golf balls, auto guitar tuners, and smart insoles for your shoes in. 

Dive into our IOT device finds. There are so many things in here to dive into, you’ll definitely be inspired and will most likely find the next gift for him. These are connected devices that do more with your phone, they are the internet of things and they will make the perfect gift. 

For the guy who is always at his desk, making that paper

Help him remember to goof off It’s important to work hard, and it’s also important to play hard too. 

Use this gift to let him know it’s not all boardrooms and corner offices, lighten up and have some fun too! Hopefully his office has a good sense of humor to handle the jackassery of this USB and app controlled nerf missile launcher! Get inspired! 

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working the 9 to 5 or the 9 to 9 these products will help that time go smoother and be a bit more fun
hit the road, catch a flight, get their more rested and better equipped

For the guy who loves to travel

While no one is going anywhere right now, we can still dream of travel. Use these gift ideas to inspire that wanderlust for when lockdowns are lifted and the pandemic isn’t so fearsome. 

When it’s time to hit the road not knowing the language can make things a bit more grueling. Avoid fights and stress of travel with a pocket translator. Includes data and 74 languages to make meeting new people and interacting on the road easier than ever! 

Get inspired! For the man who has a bit of wanderlust even in these trying times.

For the man who loves his coffee

Sure there’s a chemex or a v60. He already has them, right? What about something to make espresso and really let him feel his coffee? 

No electricity required, simply use your own muscle power to “pull” an espresso shot. A one of a kind gift for a shot they can be proud of 3 or 4 or 5 times per day. 


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for the coffee lover who has just about all the coffee essentials, get him one more
road warriors, uber drivers, car lovers, racers and all that

For the man who spends a lot of time in and with his car

If your guy loves his car or he just spends a load of time in his car, the best gift is something that will make that time even more enjoyable. This gift makes his car into a smart car He loves his 14 year old car, keeps it pristine, and you’d hardly know it’s that old. Of course, it’d be even better if it was a smart(er) car. 

This gadget by automatic makes any car into a smart car. Tracking mileage automatically, reporting engine diagnostics to your phone, keep tabs on your car from your mobile device just by connecting it. It’s like a fitbit activity tracker for your car! 

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