4 Products and Loads of Inspiration to Win Valentine’s Day

It’s been a long year of being cooped up in doors. Maybe you’re not partying as much as you used to, and maybe it’s been months since you and your honey have seen your close friends. 

It’s time to spice things up with your significant other. This will keep things fresh and help you forget that it’s been almost one year since we got into this lovely new situation. 

But let’s remember: it’s a new year. And a time to make the most of it!

So what do you need to make the most of Valentine’s Day thi syear? Make your relationship that much better with a gift or gadget to spice it up or help you relax. These items are sure to please and help you win the holiday for both you and your significant other! Even though it’s a little last minute, there’s still plenty of time to make them smile. What are you going to do?

Feel like a kid again

 It’s time to feel like a kid again with your SO. Set up this amazing lounger, mount it from a tree branch or just inside your covered porch, jump in and swing like a kid. Of course, if you can get it mounted up high, you’ll be cruising across your backyard with your beau or beauty. That might be a little too much excitement this year… When the bed’s a swinging, don’t come a-ringing.

A better pillow for both of you

Holy cow. Where has this been? Amiright? Well, here it is now, and you need this. Make cuddling with your significant other even more comfortable for both of you. No more cramps or arms falling asleep, you’ve got a little tunnel to extend the love! Try it on tonight, and may the cuddles never stop.

Take care of you, for them

After a year of Zoom calls and fewer times out and about, we get it: it’s been awhile since you really dealt with that hard to reach body hair. We know it’s true. It’s time for a little self care, for their pleasure. Invest in this tool to surprise your significant other with a beautifully smooth shaven backside. Get smoother, get closer, get this simple gadget and let the sparks fly (again). 

Get some gold where it counts...

Whether it’s been a year at home alone pining for the days when you get back out to a normal (video call optional) dating scene or it’s just that you and your SO have hit one of those… dry spells… Well. This will definitely add a little spark to the doldrums. It’s time to treat yourself with 24k gold where it counts. Turn on this toy and feel the good vibrations. We’re not sure if that makes the toy any more effective, however. Hopefully it’s more than just a $15 toy under that 24k shell. This toy will set you back $15000!

Dig into even more ideas for your Significant other...

Ok, so we know the above are at least a little silly. Especially that dildo, I mean really even if you used it every night for 41 years, you’re talking about $1 per use. I guess, if you don’t mind worrying about the price of your pleasure, then it’s the right toy. But I get distracted.

We just wanted to get your mind thinking out of the box a bit. Here’s a load more inspiration!

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