5 Products to make working from home work

It’s been a long year, we can all agree.

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Working from home is not all it’s cracked up to be

We’re all finding ourselves cooped up at home. Whether that means you’ve converted your spare bedroom into your office, or the dining room table has become your new coworking space, we’re all adjusting… to say the least!

How do you stay focused and make sure you stay professional even if you’re trapped in your quarantine office? We’ve got some ideas to make working at home workable.

To make sure you look fresh on those 8am Zoom calls…

A simple adjustment will make you look that much more professional. Just because you’re not heading into the office on a daily basis doesn’t mean you can’t care about how you look. Even if you’re only sporting the top half of your outfit, you want to look put together and pristine. That way your ideas and arguments will carry their weight. Shed some light on your face to enhance your work from home persona in these dark times. You’ll rule WebEx.

Look fresh to death on your morning video call with this monitor-mounted light!

improve every video conference you attend with this light
When your dog is taking over every conference call

When your dog is taking over every conference call…

Day one of working from home, everyone loves to see Pawly Shore on the webcam. But by Day three, his barking on Every. Single. Conference call. Has gotten tiresome. It’s affecting your productivity and your boss and coworkers have had enough. It’s time to get drastic. Fortuantely, there’s a humane way to test getting rid of the barking. No need to shout over your laptop or zap your dog with some sort of bizarre torture device, try this on for spritz of peace and quiet.

For your dog (or your coworker’s dog) who just can’t stay quiet during the conference call, we recommend this citronella (and harm-free!) bark collar.

Infinity pillow for an infinite number of work from home positions (& naps)

Chances are you don’t have a home office. If you’re like most everyone, you’ll work from wherever you can find peace and quiet with so many people home. This wrap pillow offers an infinite number of positions, so you can maximize any work space. And when you need to take a breather, well it doubles as a smart place to relax.

Make working from home (and the naps that are bound to come with it) that much more comfortable with this infinity pillow.

Improve your golf game despite working from home

Improve your golf game, even if your local course is closed

As summer approaches, normally you’d be stepping outdoors for a round of golf. Now you and your clients have to practice social distancing and that means riding in the same golf cart is out of the question. As country clubs and parks close down during this pandemic and crisis, you may be left a little rusty. Why not stay in practice?

Buy this practice putting tool for you and your clients and schedule your next GoToMeeting over a round of practice golf in your respective home offices!

Enhance your coffee breaks despite being confined to home

Now that you don’t have to race out the door, there’s no excuse not to take an extra 3 minutes on your morning coffee routine. Ditch the keurig and spice things up a little bit. Get ready for cold brew or pick up a manual espresso pump to jolt up your coffee breaks at home. Just because you’re at the home office and your neighborhood barista is out of work, doesn’t mean you can’t savor your coffee break all the same.

What are you going to improve your next home office coffee break?

improve your coffee game while working from home

What are you using to make working from home work for you?

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