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Have you ever thought who in their right mind thought of that? Or maybe you’re the person who says “Why didn’t I think of that?” There’s a market for everything, and we are always blown away by what’s out there and available.

That’s why we created NeedvWant. A showcase for all the products out there, everything on the spectrum of have to have it to there’s just no need for that. The items that walk that fine fine line between your wanting them and just having no need for them. 


What is NeedvWant?

Window shopping? Gift hunting? Bored? We got you, fam. Browse a wide variety of our best finds from around the web. Select the filters above to sort by category and the item’s hot (“Most Wanted”) or not (“Least Needed”) status. Sign up to submit items or caption finds on the site.

Why sign up?

Your account only requires an email to create, then set a username and password and you’re good to go.

How do I submit an item?

If you found something on Youtube or somewhere else on the web you can submit a link to either the video or the item itself. When you submit an product, choose whether you want it or don’t need it. Every time someone agrees with your vote, you’ll earn a point. Share with your friends. – Found something awesome or ridiculous on our site? Share it with your friends to let them know you found it first.

So… affiliate links?

NeedvWant may earn a small commission if you purchase something by clicking links on this site. This doesn’t cost you anything and allows us to keep operating and finding amazing products, and for that, we thank you.

Your Privacy

We only collect your email in order to share great finds and other interesting news with you. The only information we collect about you is all in your account, nothing secret here. We use this data to figure out what is trending and to improve the site. Read more in our Privacy Policy.

How’re we doing?

We’re here to make you laugh and help you discover something new. Any and all feedback is always appreciated. Contact us.

Get involved. Shoot us a note to let us know how we’re doing, share products you’ve found, or share ideas. This is a work in progress and just something fun to help you pass the time when things look grim or boring.