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Because it’s a wearable personal air purifying hood…

Step into the next generation of PPE. This face shield bubble fits onto your shoulders and around your chest to provide you with a cocoon of protection. Like you’re walking on the surface of an alien planet in a sci-film, except you’re not. You’re here on earth and you’re protected from the elements.

The flu, the pandemic, an antimasker… you name it, you’re protected. And you look très chic, too. This helmet is straight out of the future.

The black hood comes in three sizes, with adjustable side straps and buckles. You’ll have full vision with a wide anti-fog clear front shield, and two peripheral viewing portals.

The hood runs on a (not-included) 10000 mAh Power Bank and can last 8 hrs once you plug in. That’s two fans running to circulate air from the contaminated outside over a filter for you breathe cleanly and safely. This will remove 95% of the particulate in the air.

The best part? It has built in gloves so that you can touch your face safely without removing the headgear. So have no fear for nose itches or tired eyes.

When you can’t keep a safe social distance, use this hood. You’ll be protected. You may get some stares, or questions, but you’re straight out of the future. Even as Covid comes to a close (soon?) you’ll be protected from the next epidemic. Bird flu, ebola, swine flu, Spanish flu, SARS… Stay safe in this next generation of personal protective equipment.

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