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Because it’s an all-weather notepad…

Write int he rain with Rite in the Rain’s notepad and products. Clever name. Repels water, sweat, grease, mud, and, while not recommended, it can even survive a trip through the laundry. And after all that, it’s still paper ready to use and waiting for your notes.

In dry conditions, it’s like any paper, write away. In wet conditions, you’ll need a pencil or one of their specialty “all-weather pens” to write. Crayons will work too, if you’re into notes in crayon. Wet or dry, you’ll be keeping notes clean and legible. Have no fear for whatever kind of mess Mother Nautre throws your way.

This thing is ready for the boat, the beach, the next wod at CrossFit and your sweaty workout notes. Keep it in the kitchen, keep it in the garden, or in the garage. Spill your coffee all over it. This thing was built to handle the elements.

And it’s still recyclable too.

Find a gift set with pen on Rite in the Rain’s site.

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