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Because it’s an app-connected smart egg tray…

You’re making your home and kitchen smart, maybe you should consider this item. It tracks the age of your eggs and notifies you when they are getting old or when you’re running out. Of course, you set the number of weeks you want to keep eggs in the fridge. This minder will do the rest and keep an eye on the eggs. Originally produced from Quirky, still available to be had in your kitchen.

It may not keep your eggs fresh in storage, it will be a container to store farm fresh or store bought eggs and keep a watchful eye on them, no matter where you are. Log into your app and check their status, at the store, on your way home from work, lying in bed before breakfast, on that boring date. You’ve got your eyes on your eggs, and never need to worry if they’ve been in long term storage for too long. Eat your eggs fresh..

However, caveat emptor, this product has a host of negative reviews on Amazon, 43% of over 500 reviewers gave it 1 star. Ouch. Their comments: hopeful yet frustrated owners who just can’t get it to work egg-xactly. But, then again, it’s only $10.

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