I want this / don't need this

Because there’s a coat hook when you need it…

This beautiful coat rack stays flat against the wall when not in use, need a hook just pull it open. Like a set of piano keys on your wall, hit the key and the hook comes out. Store your coats and items with style.

Haven’t you ever wished that you could have a coat rack be a work of art? Seamlessly blending into your beautifully designed home, straight from the pages of Architectural Digest. In your beautiful home, the one you’ve crafted tastefully and painstakingly so that every single detail is perfect – nothing is amiss, you suddenly realize you need to hang up your jacket.

The Solution is here, on the wall.

I face this all the time. I’ve grown accustomed to simply throwing my jacket over a chair, or worse simply dropping it to the floor when you walk through the door.

There is a better way! This beautiful wall rack is made from the same material that trees are made from, so it’s totally sustainable and eco-friendly. Beautiful finishes are available to match perfectly to your home

Designed by the great Patrick SÉHA out of PER/USE in Belgium, now sold globally and ready for your home.

What we love

We love the simple design that doesn’t scream “hang something here” which most coat racks bring to the equation. This blends in, so if nothing – no hat, coat, or jumper is hanging here, it still looks beautiful.

We also love the flexibility of the racks means you can hang any number of items here. Perhaps you could pull out two or three and set your purse across them on a lower level.

Finally, we love that this just invites the touch. Like a piano with its keys laid out before you, this wall art asks you to get involved. Press and play and hang up your coat and hat on my hooks. Come on in, stay a while.

Our vote? Abso-freaking-lutely.

We love this furniture art, and would love to hang it at our entry way, behing the door. It belongs with all our other design elements in our home.

We want it today, never mind the price. It’s worth it for this beautiful and tasteful and practical coat hook.


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