Product must-haves for a better golf game this summer

This summer is another chance to up your game. No matter if you’re heading back to your favorite course, or trying out a new one in a new state or abroad. We’ve rounded up our favorites, the must-have products from around the web that will enhance your game. 

A boon on the back 9

Whether you play seriously, walking 18-holes, or love to just go out with your buddies (who are all hacks) and just hit the ball around. These items will be a savior to you on the back 9. Put them to good use and you may just see your handicap drop, but no guarantees!

If you know a golfer and no weather stops them from getting out for a round, then take a look at these as potential gifts for the golfer in your life. These will inspire you in your hunt for great purchases to share with a golf lover. 

The summer of the hole-in-one 

Enjoy a hole-in-one (or another hole-in-one) this summer. Get these gadgets and items to make it that much sweeter. We’ve rounded up some tech items, some things to keep you cool, some to improve your game, and some things to have more fun. Walk the round or hop in a golf cart, just get out there this summer and make your golf game that much better.

Check out these must-have golf finds for this summer. Grab your clubs and head out for another 18-hole round. 

Smart golf balls to improve your game in more ways than one

Enhance your tech in your golf game with IoT connected golf balls. These smart golf balls will give you data on your game and they are discoverable from your smartphone. Just turn on this app and watch as your balls appear on the radar. Find your wayward drives in the rough that much faster.

This is definitely not ridiculous IoT (ridic) you don’t need, this is the stuff that will help your game improve no matter your handicap. You’ll also be able to analyze data about that last drive, how far was it? This smart, connected golf ball analyzes and visualizes sensor data directly captured inside it. It runs on low energy Bluetooth so you’ll be able to continue play and watch data in real time.

These sunglasses will help you spot the ball

Not all tech needs to be high-tech. While the connected golf balls will help you find your wayward drives easily, this low-tech option might just help speed things along without all the gadgetry. This product looks questionable (think cataracts), but helps you “look” your best. 

You’ll be able to spot your ball in obstacles on the course or in the rough. If your handicap is high, keep these handy to pick up the pace between shots. Rather than stumble through the fringe and forest of the fairway, you’ll be picking out your ball in no time. Play on through and keep the round going, nevermind the penalties as they tally up…

How was your stance on the last shot? Your mind got carried away as you watched the ball sail 150, 175, 200, 225 yards down the fairway. Your mind is already looking ahead, and what did you do on that shot to that just felt so good? The ball was right in the sweet spot on your new 1 wood, and something else was different too.

Open up your app and check out how your weight distribution was on that last hole. These connected insoles, that will fit right into your spiked golf shoes. Check out your phone and see just how you were standing. A heat map of your stance will show how your weight was distributed. Use the data it provides to improve your next round. Your buddies will be amazed.

Sink your putts despite the heat

It’s a hot one. But that’s never stopped you from getting out for a round with your favorite foursome. You meant to be starting at 7:30, and now it’s 8:15 when you finally set up in the tee box of the first hole. Oof. It’s going to be a hot one. Your hat’s sweatband is already soaked through, you’ll need two of these hat inserts to prevent the sweat stains from really seeping through your bill. 

This summer, discover some tech to make the heat much more manageable. Sometimes all you need to do to cool off is to hold an iced drink right on your wrist. Pretty soon that coolness will be pulsing through your veins. This wristband from Embr provides that same feeling. Wear it like a smart watch on the inside of your wrist, set it to cool and you’ll be playing comfortably for hours. 

Looking for a more advanced option to stay cool? Check out Sony’s pocket airconditioner. This tiny cooling fan slips into a pocket on your undershirt and keeps cool air circulating next to your skin. You’ll play comfortably through the 18 holes while the others in your foursome sweat through. Keep a firm grip on your 9-iron and putter, without any sweat. Enjoy the sun and the summer comfortably.

Get more putting practice anywhere

No matter if you’re heading back to the office (/return to work) this summer or continuing to work from home, you can still make more time for golfing. Nothing will help you get your mind off of work stress quite like focusing on your short game. Of course, the short game – in the moment, on the green – can be quite stressful! 

Check out this product to work on your short game and improve your putting. It’s design with a ramp means you really have to focus on the power and perfect the drop. Hours with this at home or at your office will lead to smooth strokes on the putting green, and every putt dropping in, hole after hole round after round. Just keep your mind off it and remember all that practice you put in.

Keep the cold ones cold

The age old debate: to drink or not to drink? We’ve found our game improves slightly with a couple of beers and there’s a sweet spot – too few and we’re off, too many and we’re off again. It’s the goldilocks rule, we have to have a couple of beers to be just right. Of course, it’s not every round that we’re throwing back beers. Some rounds we save the drinking for the 19th hole. 

If you are going to drink throughout the round, make the most of your cold ones with this gadget. You won’t have to muscle through warm beer. And there’s no need to race through this cold one to make sure you enjoy it cold. These icicle-like drink coolers will keep your bottle of beer chilled while you savor it hole-after-hole. So freeze them and throw them in the cooler. Attach it to your next beer and enjoy the summer fun on your next round. Chill your pilsner with the chillsner.

This device will look after you while you play

You’ve got all the tech. You have loads of apps for improving your golf game. You have the latest gadgets and a rangefinder. Everything you do is all about tech and bettering your swing, handicap, and scores. What about taking care of you?

Strap on this smart watch wristband and you’ll be tracking how hydrated you are. This device will remind you to take a swig of water between play. Have no fear of dehydration no matter how hot it gets for an afternoon tee time.

Upgrade your golf cart

You’re a trendsetter on the course. You’ve got the latest shoes, and clubs, and you’ve got special-access tickets to the PGA tour when it comes to town. You want even more to turn heads, we get it. It feels great when people are impressed. 

Now take your golf game to the next level with a solo golf cart slash clubs caddy that you can cruise on. This golf cart is a four-wheeled surfboard made for the fairway. It is the luxurious method that beats walking and hits speeds of 10mph. Take it out for a spin and watch the heads turn.

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