Dream of summer all year round. And get these summer must-have products that will help you beat the heat, make a splash, and enjoy the best three months of the year.

At the beach, in your backyard, or at the summer cabin. Don’t start summer without these products. Get inspired for our favorite time of year with the items that will make summer vacation that much better. These gadgets are meant for the dog days, the picnic days, the sunshowers, the beach, the heat, and the barbecues. Get outdoors, soak in the sun, and make the most of the season with these products.

This is our summer must-have item and gift list. These are the tools you need for summer, the essential gadgets, everything vital to making summer perfectly summer-y.

Of course, the mainstay summer must-haves are t-shirts, and flip flops, and new boardshorts, or that brand new itty-bitty bikini. Yes, those are indispensible. We’re not talking about those must-haves. We’re talking about the must-haves you didn’t know you needed, those things you absolutely dream of having – you want these.

We’ve rounded up the products that will be the talk of the block party, the hottest thing at the beach, and the envy of everyone at the pool. Those items that will make you look good and make your life more convenient. Don’t believe us? Scroll through, touch any item to see a video of it in action. Then you can decide, do you want it or just don’t need it.

We’re counting down the days until summer already. It is our favorite season. And these are the essentials. Get inspired with these great gift ideas and summer must-haves.

Click on any product below to see a video of the item in action!