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prepare for your office gift exchange with everything you might need to know

The Ultimate Guide to Office Gift Giving (updated 2021)

It’s almost that time of year again: The Holidays. It might feel like a ways off, but it always has a way of sneaking up and suddenly being here. It’s an electric time of year! We love it here at NeedvWant, then again what shopaholic doesn’t love the buzz of all the promotions, shopping, and gifts available.  Maybe your office is in all-hands-on-deck mode through to the end of December. Or maybe your team’s productivity halves every week through the end of the year. Whether you’re hustling to

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caveat emptor can you spot a fake review on Amazon we might be able to help

Caveat Emptor: Real Products, Fake Reviews

In this article My story with Amazon fake reviews The transactions behind fake reviews What is a “Fake” Review anyway? Amazon’s Crackdown How can you shop smarter? Our top tips for beating fake reviews Our top takeaway when shopping Amazon Three years ago, I worked in an office of shopaholics The company where I used to work was always receiving deliveries. Boxes from Amazon, department stores, beauty brands, any and all things you can buy online were delivered twice daily. Dozens of empty boxes lay around the office,

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wake up even heavy sleepers with these unique alarm clocks for deep sleep

Unique alarm clocks for the heaviest sleepers

These are the alarm clocks that will get you out of bed We’re not all morning people. Everyone can have late nights and struggle to wake up. Not just heavy sleepers. Getting out of bed is the most essential thing to start your day; you can’t do much required horizontally, after all. So the alarm clock is essential. We’ve rounded up some eccentric alarm clocks that will for sure get you out of bed, rousing you from the best dreams and deepest slumber. It’s been great working at

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must-have products for better golf this summer tech gifts inspiration better round of golf

Product must-haves for a better golf game this summer

This summer is another chance to up your game. No matter if you’re heading back to your favorite course, or trying out a new one in a new state or abroad. We’ve rounded up our favorites, the must-have products from around the web that will enhance your game.  A boon on the back 9 Whether you play seriously, walking 18-holes, or love to just go out with your buddies (who are all hacks) and just hit the ball around. These items will be a savior to you on

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Make the most of returning to work

You’ve received that email. Your days of working from home are coming to a close sooner than you had hoped. While you can kick and scream and say you’re going to keep working from home no matter what, there’s no denying some social aspects are good for you and your workplace… so maybe it’s not all that bad. So let’s try to make the most of returning to work. Do you even remember how to get to the office?  An excellent question. We’ve gotten so used to the

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kickstart a healthy summer jump in the pool cycle more get outdoors just get present to summer and the new normal

Kickstart a Healthy Summer

Make this summer the summer of healthy decisions Staying At Home and Maintaining DIstance may have helped us stay safe. Our sedentary time at home has led to weight gain and stress about that weight gain. That’s a heavy burden – in more ways than one. It’s time to kickstart a healthy summer. We’ve probably become more obsessed with health than ever before. A pandemic will do that. And now that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, we can finally start getting back to normal.

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kickstart summer with these memorial day must-have products from grill top to poolside to backyard get inspired for summer gifts

Kickstart Summer with these Memorial Day Must-have Products

Summer is almost here! At least according to the calendar. Maybe it still feels cool outside. It’s not quite the beautiful summer heat of late July and early August. And we can pretend it’s well on its way! Maybe you’re starting to get those 80 degree days and you just can’t wait for it to stay lighter later. Kickstart Summer with these must-have products for a perfect Memorial Day Weekend. Get inspired for summer with these product finds, or use this as gift inspiration for summer parties.  The

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this year try something other than flowers for mom on mother's day get some inspiration

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

We are here to inspire with gifts for the mom in your life. Look at a snapshot of her day, a day in the life. What items standout as things that would be a great gift? Mom’s are our rocks, our anchors, our cheerleaders, the one who bore us for 9 months and gave us life. Whoever the mom is in your life, here’s some inspiration for how to give back. Even a little bit counts.  We’ll be honest, there have been more Mother’s Days than not where

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black friday sales are not a reason to wait to shop for holiday

Don’t Wait Until Black Friday to Start Buying Christmas Presents

I’ll be honest. I normally start thinking about Christmas presents in October. To me this feels early. I aim to have all gifts purchased by December 1, but that’s not always the case. Just like you, I’m preprogrammed to procrastinate and wait until the last minute. I have all kinds of reasons for why it’s too early, and in my head I am feeling the stress of gift giving, and then I procrastinate even more. When it comes to shopping for a loved one for their birthday or

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travel during covid how to and what you need be prepared for the worst during a pandemic flight

So you’re going to travel during the Pandemic? Here’s what you’ll want to take with you.

It’s been a long time since you’ve been out and about. When was the last time you crossed state lines or got out of town? Too long. And a trip abroad? It seems like a lifetime ago.  With the word “normalcy” crossing everyone’s minds as we edge closer and closer to herd immunity with every vaccine prick issued. Even if herd immunity hasn’t kicked in and you’re still waiting for your jab of the vaccine, you still have the travel bug and want to get out and go.

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work from home setup what do you need to work better from home

5 Products to make working from home work

It’s been a long year, we can all agree. How long have you been working from home? 0 + days Working from home is not all it’s cracked up to be We’re all finding ourselves cooped up at home. Whether that means you’ve converted your spare bedroom into your office, or the dining room table has become your new coworking space, we’re all adjusting… to say the least! How do you stay focused and make sure you stay professional even if you’re trapped in your quarantine office? We’ve

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driving road warriors uber driver must have products and gadgets

Best products for Uber drivers and the bravest road warriors out there

You’re an uber driver. You’re in your car day in and day out, Uber has totally gamified you. They throw you a challenge, you take it on. You’re working for the weekend and this is your time slot, you head out at 5pm. Or 11pm. Or 5am. Maybe you don’t drive uber. But you know someone who drives uber. Even if you don’t know someone who drives uber, chances are you can call one right now. Just open up the app and reach out to an uber driver.

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so fresh and so clean clean what do you use to feel like fresh and put your best

Products to keep you fresh and clean

Decontaminate your life and be ready to face a new day Some products are there to make your life easier or help you stay rested. Some are just there to keep you feeling fresh and cool. We’re a huge fan of these products that are going to make sure you’re always at your best. Looking good and feeling clean and refreshed. Our criteria for these finds was anything that makes you look and feel even better. Wipe on screen protection Wipe on screen protection to keep it fresh

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What if this is the only thing stopping you from being productive?

I often find myself dreaming of the next item I just have to have to do x. There’s something I need to look better, lose weight, make better food, and of course there are plenty of items to help you be more productive. There’s probably some truth to this, these things will help you shave off time or use your time or better, or just be better at what you’re doing. Do you really need them though? That’s for you to decide. Don’t forget the grass is always

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4 Products and Loads of Inspiration to Win Valentine’s Day

It’s been a long year of being cooped up in doors. Maybe you’re not partying as much as you used to, and maybe it’s been months since you and your honey have seen your close friends.  It’s time to spice things up with your significant other. This will keep things fresh and help you forget that it’s been almost one year since we got into this lovely new situation.  But let’s remember: it’s a new year. And a time to make the most of it! So what do

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Get that inspiration to make sure you gift something great

10 great gifts for the men in your life

and loads of inspiration for shopping for him Shopping for the man in your life is a challenge. How do you read someone’s mind to know what men want when they just don’t tell you? You don’t need to develop your sixth sense to know what is going to make him smile. All you need is a little inspiration to avoid the emptiness left by a bad gift. And how do you get inspired? When gift giving works well, it seems like you have the gift of ESP.

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the future is now get these ridiculous connected iot devices

Ridiculous IOT devices you can own today

I was at a meetup last night and the question came up, how many of you actually have an IoT or “Internet of Things” device. It got everyone to go “hm”, so in my book that’s a superb question. As the discussion progressed, it came up that most IoT applications are at a B2B level. That is, us as consumers don’t even know that our device is Internet of Things and connected, but it is. One person brought up the example of a security system alerting the firm

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shaun of the dead zombie apocalypse best gifts for a prepper

Products you’re going to wish you had during the Zombie Apocalypse

We can’t predict the future, but that doesn’t mean we can’t plan for everything. Even if it seems unlikely, after something happens there will be loads of op-eds and other news articles about how it was “so inevitable” and “10 signs we should have seen”. That’s just the nature of things in this world. As that’s the case, you might as well start prepping — even for the most inevitable. I’ve pulled together some items that you’re going to want for the impending Zombie Apocalypse* * keep in

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it's almost summer, right

Best of Summer Gadgets, Products, and Gifts

By the sea, in the backyard, or at the summer cottage. Don’t start summer without these items. Our summer must-have product list is updated multiple times each week, check back regularly to never miss a thing or share your own product finds perfect for your summer. These are the things you need for summer, the must have gadgets, everything to make summer perfectly summer-y. We’re counting the days until summer already… Days Hours Minutes Seconds Summer is here! Browse our Summer Product Finds A pair of sunglasses that

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Why didn't I think of that? that face when you realize you thought of it first, but someone beat you to market. regret

Products that will make you go “Why didn’t I think of that?”

All humans are creative. It takes a special kind of human to make an idea go from in one’s head, or simply spoken to our significant other, to going live on Amazon. Maybe you have what it takes and then procrastination kicks in. Then you’re at the store, or driving in your car, or going through an airport, and you see it. You think “Why didn’t I think of that??!” Or worse, you have that thought of “I actually thought of that!” You message the person you are

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easy to stay healthy just wash your hands they say

Best Products to Survive the Plague

Sooner or later, some superbug that’s immune to all antibiotics or some virus that mutates quickly is going to show up. And when it does, you want to be ready.  Fortunately you’re a prepper, you’ve already stockpiled N95 masks and surgical gloves and you have multiple freezers, one in your garage, one in the basement and of course your mainstay in the kitchen. You’re set to healthy and avoid going outside for the foreseeable future. Of course you can always stockpile toilet paper and hand sanitizer, but what

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