What if this is the only thing stopping you from being productive?

I often find myself dreaming of the next item I just have to have to do x. There’s something I need to look better, lose weight, make better food, and of course there are plenty of items to help you be more productive.

There’s probably some truth to this, these things will help you shave off time or use your time or better, or just be better at what you’re doing. Do you really need them though? That’s for you to decide. Don’t forget the grass is always greener on the other side.

We had fun finding these products, and hopefully they provide you a little inspiration to improve your work day. Now that life continues to be a series of meetings we Zoom in and out of from our home offices, we will need everything to be functioning perfectly.

These 8 gadgets and gifts are sure to shave minutes off your daily routine, over a year that’s hours, and over a year that’s days of your life you’re getting back. You’re welcome.

Track how you use your time

This device requires a subscription of $9 a month, or opt for the $250 lifetime subscription. You’ll get a die that you can set to the corresponding activity you’re up to. Monitor your time from home, or get one for everyone on your team to see what they’re up to. Program and label the sides of your device then track it all in an app or on your computer. The first step in getting more productive is knowing what you’re up to, and this device will help you do just that. 

Transfer your notes seamlessly

This is a smart pen. Take notes on a notepad during your next call, and this pen will transfer them to an app on your phone. Handwriting will be converted to text and you’ll be able to view doodles ahem, I mean graphics that you’ve created. Throw those notes in an email without a hiccup. Make your handwriting smarter.

Free up your hands

Have you ever wished you could keep watching your show while in the kitchen, with your baby, or at some other task? Now you can multitask like never before with this simple device to hold a tablet or phone anywhere. Fold it up to sit on the counter, or wrap it once around your neck to hold it right in sight while busy on another task. Don’t listen to anyone who says multitasking doesn’t work, this was made for you.

No more fussing with cables

This will make you kick yourself for not thinking of it (or maybe you did dream it up?). This cable self coils with magnets, meaning you’ll never have to fuss with tangles and knots again. Easily pull this out of your purse, plug in and charge. When you go, slap it together and be on your way. You’ll earn seconds every time you charge your phone.

Even breakfast needs help

Sometimes I start my day dreaming of a breakfast sandwich, if only I had the time – I’ll say to myself. Well now you can have both, your time and a breakfast sandwich, that is. Throw together your ingredients, clap it shut, and 5 minutes later you’ll be munching on your homemade egg muffin sandwich. You can respond to emails while your sandwich is made ready. Enjoy a productive start to your day.

Scan text easily

When you need to get text from paper or a book into your computer easily, this device will make it stress free. You’ll save loads of time fumbling with scanners and devices, this handheld highlighter pen will be productivity booster.

Make your coffee more productive

While your breakfast sandwich is cooking itself, tell your coffee maker to make your coffee with Alexa’s help. This coffee brewer is connected, you can control temperature and coffee settings in an app and sync it to your voice. That’s one less button to press in the morning, and one more chance to hit send on another email as you start the day.

Make your car smarter

You keep seeing ads about the latest smart cars, or sit next to a Tesla at the red light. It’s time your car got some futuristic features without the investment of a whole new car. This device will do just that. Control your phone or other items without taking your eyes off the road. Now that’s productivity.

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